Walking on the beech with my eldest daughter

Walking on the beech with my eldest daughter

Hi, my name is Jim Valentine,

In October 2014 I began studying towards a BSc (Hons) in Computing and IT with the Open University. I have re-designed my personal creative website as this blog to enable me to write articles related to technology as I study. Naturally this blog will not contain actual course work. Information will also be provided regarding my personal creative projects and experimentation with photography, music and art.

This blog may of course be considered useful to others seeking to view my thought process and maybe gain ideas to further research.

Naturally you will not be able to duplicate the information on this blog for use within your coursework, although, should you wish to reference information and thoughts this may be done so by following the referencing and citation rules established by the educational institute you attend.

Apart from the blogging section of this website I am also including sections from the previous website relating to other interests.