Month September 2014

Minolta Scan Dual II (35mm/Slide/APS) film scanner

The Minolta Scan Dual II is a relatively old scanner, originally released in September 1999. I bought this unit in 2013 as a backup to my Sony UY-S90 which was capable of automated scanning full rolls of film. Less than… Continue Reading →

Minolta X-300 35mm manual SLR

One of my favourite commercially available film cameras has to be the Minolta X-300, so much so that when my much used X-300 finally gave up on life in 2014 I had to purchase another on ebay as soon as… Continue Reading →

Router configuration for a home web server

This post is a follow up to the previous articles on setting up and securing a Debian home web server, links to each section of this tutorial can be found at the bottom of this post. This tutorial assumes that… Continue Reading →

Securing a Debian home web server

This article continues on from the 2 part guide ‘Setting up a Debian home web server’ where you will be guided through the process of installing Debian Linux and the related software to form a local web server. As the… Continue Reading →

Setting up a Debian home web server (part 2)

Continuing from part 1 of this tutorial, part 2 will walk you through the following steps: Giving a user access to the ‘/var/www/’ directory. Set up an FTP server, allowing our user to manage their website via an FTP client… Continue Reading →

Setting up a Debian home web server (part 1)

Assuming you have read the previous article entitled ‘The pros and cons of running a home web server‘, this article forms the next section of the tutorial, taking the Debian route. What is Debian: Debian is one of the oldest… Continue Reading →

The pros and cons of running a home web server

This article will consist of a number of posts linked together to form a guide to home web servers. This section forms the beginning of the guide which will outline the pros and cons of running your own web server… Continue Reading →

A space to work and play

As my partner and I are both studying degrees with the Open University and require a quiet place to study and relax where there will be no screaming children we decided to disassemble the dilapidated wonky shed that was in… Continue Reading →

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